Salman H. Siddiqui

Salman Hameed Siddiqui

Salman Hameed Siddiqui was born in Aligarh (India) currently lives in the United Arab Emirates. He believes he inherited a great deal of his love of nature from his mother and his artistic skills from his father, who was an avid Urdu calligrapher and sketch artist, although he was a police officer by profession. By the age of five, Salman developed a fascination for art and painting nurtured by his parents, who spared no expense in providing him art supplies. At the age of fifteen, he joined Aligarh Muslim University’s Hobbies workshop for a year where he met lifetime painting teacher, mentor, and friend Khaliq Ashfaq Khan who helped him significantly polish his skills and mature as an artist.

As a young civil engineer, he took up a job position in Almora, a town well known for its scenic beauty, snow-covered Himalayan mountain peaks, beautiful Kumauni Architecture, and pleasant weather. Almora left a critical imprint in the development of his work and where he forged several lifelong friendships with other artists. Since then, he has been painting regularly for more than fifty years! His current body of work explores his love for a now vanishing rural Indian countryside, nostalgic houses and architecture from India, and landscapes that connect him emotionally to an India that once existed and other places he has visited. His work often features detailed representations, figures, still life, and architecture as critical compositional elements, constantly narrating his emotional connection to the beauty he found in Aligarh and Almora. His mediums of choice are watercolour and oil paints.

He has painted numerous portraits of his family, teachers, colleagues, and people who have inspired him in his life. His technique is heavily influenced by masters such as John Singer Sergent, Sir William Rusell Flint, Mohammed Salim, and his teacher Khaleeq Ashfaq Khan. He has completed numerous portrait commissions for clients, and his paintings are in private collections across India, UAE, Canada, Europe, and the USA. In addition, he has exhibited in solo and group shows in India.

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